Music Video Sonido de la Selva

I have a new mission I am working on musikvideo for a Frind and artist Vicente Patiz.
The son is called Sonido de la Selva and the video is about the trpical rainforest

so I need tu build a Lot of Animal an Plants
I have already 2 Animals ready for Rigging a Sloth

and a Colibri

a Bededder Sloth Image


Hi, your texturing and fur look wonderful man !

I’m discovering blender’s capabilities for hair rendering for my animals, do you have any tips for setting it up (number of children, size, lighting, aliasing) ?

Superb job so far.

@ Manou (Who els :D)
I Spitet the Fure in 3 Parikel effekt to have a better controll (Legs, Body, Head) But all the hair has one Material
For the Fure Children I unsed the Face option an about 1000 Children (Use Child Simplification)
the Lighting is 3 dot Light all Sunns
and the Aliasing is 8 standart.

@ Manou
I is better to used Spot Lights with Deep Shadows

Thank you man !

I try to get different colours on the fur like you did, but the strands don’t want to get the color from the diffuse map, are you using blender 2.5 ?

I use blender 2.5
it is quit smipel
You need 3 Texturs
Textur 1 is a simpel UV map Textur
Textur 2 is a Strand Blend typ it has to have 2 things 1. a Alpha this is the plays there Textur 1 shines trhu, and under “influens” is no kross except from “Stencil”
Textur 3 is a simpel UV map Textur witch has to look different.

took me same grey fur on my owne head :wink:

This are my Leafcutter ant
It is a bitt of a Theaser
They dont have a finished Material or a Rigg it is just Theasing

Very good modelling on the ants man, good luck animating them :smiley:

I’ve tried your advices, but I think I have a bug with my actual model, it’s working with a simple sphere but not with my animal :frowning: maybe related to sculptris auto UV.

anyway keep up the good work.

I Created a littel Blendfile for you
for a littel Hair Praktis
hop the attachment is ok
Hairmaterial test.blend (648 KB)

Hi this is a Tukan
a Background filler

not quite finished


Hi This is my leading Charater a Mouslemunr…
he is not quite finshed BUT I her are same pictures of real Mouse Lemur


A tukan Abdate

Sam Progress on the Mouselemurs Model
The Hands…

They was very hard becaus A bit Like Gollum and had big heels of hands

What did you think?

Hi News form my Mouslemur…
Bey the way the smales primat on earth about 11 cm long!
I finished the first Stage of the Model… Next step is the UV, Material and Fure so stay tunde

So News form the lemur…
I started to work on the Fure…
Befor I Start to make a vertex Group to deselct the tapts they normaly dont have fur like Nose eyes fingertips and so on…sekond step is to get a the Fure

Now I have stardet to shrink the Fure parts like Face und arms and do a littel cump…

… and after a verylong while it willl be perfect… but it isn´t for now

so stay tooned

Hi Everyone… First Picturs form My lemur

Good work so far on the lemur !

I like the music, it goes well with the theme.

PS : your camera movements are a bit :spin:

Keep up the good work, how many animals do you have to do for the final clip ?

@ Manou yes is is a bit a Spinny thing… it was a quik solution and the Musik is “Sonido de la Selva”

Hi everyone it hase bin a wihle and I wohl like to show you the Mouse-Lemur in his full material :smiley:

The Next Stepp is Rigging BUT I have got same very Strange problebems…
OKay by changing My Rigg form Edit to Pose Mode it move a littelbit (Positiv Z Negativ X) … and bye switching Back it move littel bit MORE… so if I work on the Rigg same parts get slidy in Strange Direcktion… Know anybody watch this cold Be?