Music video with blender

Hello blenderheads,

i did a music video for a german artist named ‘Lennek’.
He releases his music under CreativeCommons and although im absolutely not into that genre i like his music, because he is different, and his texts are really philosophical and intelligent.

For all you who dont understand it, i hope you can still enjoy the video for itself :smiley:

Im sorry for the not so perfect audio quality, but after nearly 3 days troubleshooting with the rendering i was really to tired to rerender it again with better sound.

Credits go to:
Music - Lennek (
Sound effect - freesound (
Rendering - ( & a friend ( :slight_smile:
Textures (Wall&Floor) - CGtextures (
Everything else - Jimmyon (


Nice video concept.

Did you render the audio from blender too? cool, i’ve never done that
Adding it with a video editor later is quite always my option :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes and no, i put the audio to the clip lateron, but in blenders video editor.
Took about 20 minutes to render the final images with the sound, not that long, but after the 100st try you can undeerstand that my patience
was pretty overstressed, so i didnt want to troubleshoot that again.