Music video with EEVEE

Have been working on this video for several months. All 3d stuff was done in Blender, rendered with EEVEE. Textures were created with Substance. Postprocessing / grading and minor effects work done in AE. It’s based on the song FAT by german/swedish metal duo Lindemann.

Some stills from the workspace:


You’re #featured! :+1:

Mind-blowing stuff! Can you post some more stills? There is so much going on in that video that needs to be shown :slight_smile:

Wow - pretty amazing - says a lot for EEVEE as well.

Off subject: Maybe I’m old … but it blows me away at the quality that EEVEE (and modern game engines) can produce in (near) real-time. Not that long ago, we would have been tickled to get that level of image quality at an hour per frame. I used to fantasize about a time when we wouldn’t have to off-line render - and now we can … and it’s in FREE software.

Now … finish it. LOL

Thanks alot for featuring and the comments! I’ve uploaded some more stills and screenshots.

The hair sim looks absolutely amazing.

Indeed. And with all the realtime-raytracing technology we will gain even more “realism”.

@apoclypse The baking took a good few hours and the cache was ~15GB. :stuck_out_tongue: I am still amazed about how many hairs Blender can handle in realtime.