Music video with wide range of techniques Entirely in blender

First music video completely in Blender. Used to primarily use Cinema4D and made the full switch over. All 3D, motion tracking(facial), liquid sims, and physics were created within Blender. I did composite using After Effects. Its insane what can be accomplished with the use of plugins - Everything from generating a face with blendshapes, exporting motion tracking to AE, rigging, and wiggle bones - just endless.


That’s pretty bizarre! Nice work.
At first I thought it looked like something from the eighties on MTV, but then it just got more and more weird and interesting. I imagine this guy is tripping hard. :crazy_face:

I would like to see how you did some of the effects, especially the inflatable body.


Yea, the vague idea is he’s on some VR experience, its interrupted by a wierd advertisement that gets ‘too real’ and starts blending the vr world with the real world.

The inflation parts are one of the more straight foward effects thanks to blender’s cloth engine. Just play around with the pressure parameter and you can get some real fun sims.