Music Video


Got the music , got half of the visual elements. That is , a drawing.
What I would like is someone to add visual track to my and my friends mp3
a midnight (night) of a church like room , behind window a moon and the drawing
somehow worked into what you see behind church window, 1 or 2 windows, the
look almost like black and white, could maybe use big touch of blue, some small
touches of red and yellow. some particle magic could be great too

Because of all the bugs that come for free with operation systems, 3d softwares and music softwares , I do not have resource to model and animate unless I absolutely have to. I just don’t feel like it.

just clearing out this is under volunteer 3d
to do: wall, a textured plane sideways, few cuts to make 2 arch windows, add a sphere uv map a moon
, put in texture behind moon(screen grap my art if you want to and cut good spots.

Or just ask my photo and make my eyeballs be at the end of springs and make them bounce in volume level

the song need to be e-mailed unless you know how to get into site files without links