Music Video

I made this video in Blender for friend’s band. There’s a little story running throughout.

It ended up being a lot more work than I thought so I had to scale back the look and go toon style. I used just Edge settings and no spec on the materials. I’ve no excuse not to learn Freestyle now :slight_smile:

Anyway, if the CGI’s rubbish I hope you like the song.


i did not think it was rubbish. It was cute, nice.

Thanks Kazinger :slight_smile:

Three comments,
First, good job with the green screen.
Second, I’m very picky about the audio lining up with the video. So I look to see if the symbol is beeing hit when I see it. Other things are not as apparent as the symbol.
Third, It would be cool if the transition from person to cartoon was smoother. I’m not sure how to go about this, but it may require a high resoultion camcorder.

Thanks for the feedback macktruck.

You’re right, I should have spent more time getting the cymbal lined up. It was difficult matching a live performance to the recorded track but I should have been able to do that. I think I was just drained and wanted to finish after working on it for so many months.

I wanted the comic strip pages to have animated video textures for each of the panels. That was going to be my way of transitioning between live performance and story. Couldn’t quite get it to work.

I’ve definitely learned a lot. Not just about Blender but about where my time is best spent when working on longer pieces.