Music While Blending?

Hey, i kno theres another thread, i actually replied to it, but i hate digging up old topics :stuck_out_tongue: and theres a bunch of new members, so i was wundrin

Who here listens to music while u blend? and what music?

i listen to
-Coal Chamber
(^sorta metal i guess)
-Pink Floyd
-A Perfect Circle
(^real Music)

it all depends on what mood im in :smiley:

so what about u? what do YOU listen to while u blend??

I have a few thousand midis that I sometimes listen to.


I know most of you probably think Creed sucks and that they are a Christian band (which is false), but their music and lyrics seem to have a deeper meaning which can relate to anybody for individual reasons. Plus, Mark Tremonti is a kickass guitar player.

I’m actually thinking of making a short blended animation to “Who’s Got My Back?”. Don’t know when (or if) I’ll get around to it.

today i was listening to linkin park (meteora), but i have a a whole bunch of mp3’s (legal–as in i own the cds) tho. Jazz, Classical, Rock, Metal, Techno, Soundtracks you name it, I listen to it. Totally depends on my mood.

Anyone listened to the Last Samurai Sountrack? I think its awesome.


A ha ha… A ha ha… a ha… ha…

the animatrix sound track. (if my computer can handle it, blender and winamp)

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
album: So far

Perefect to Blend by.

all i listen to is the lord of the rings soundtracks 2,3 (havent got 1) :slight_smile:

its up to about 20 times each :slight_smile:

i listen to YES. i LOVE them.

Oh yes! Gotta love Yes!

Love their harmonies

Well, I do listen to music while blending, and what I listen to depends to some degree on what I’m modelling.
Mostly, I listen to dark wave, dark ambient and industrial, but not only…
Recently I’ve mainly listened to:
Archon Satani - Gospels of Lost and Forsaken
MZ.412 - Nordik Battle Signs
Karjalan Sissit - Karjalan Sissit (band name translates to Karelian Guerillas, and no, I’m not fascist, and neither is the band ;))
Megaptera - The Curse of the Scarecrow
Muslimgauze - too many albums to mention
V.A. - Incredibly Strange Music vol. 1 (not industrial or dar wave/-ambient, but rather as the name suggests)
V.A. - Songs in the Key of Z vol. 1 and 2 (yet again, strage - or more accurately: outsider music. If Wesley Willis or The Shaggs say anything, they appear on the albums)

I usually listen to a narrow range of music (and I always listen to music while blending):

For the past year I’ve basically listened to:

Amon Tobin – Supermodified & Out From Out Where
Boards of Canada – Twoism & Music Has The Right To Children & Geogaddi
Kid Koala – Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs
Chris Clark (though I only got the cd about four months ago) – Empty The Bones Of You

Right now I’m on an Amon Tobin kick, but I’ll probably start listening to Boards of Canada non stop again soon. Can’t wait for their new album!



Soundtracks(movies and games) and game Remixes…those really drive me on

I usually just have the tv on in the background, which at night means that cause I am so focussed on blender I sometimes accidently listen to non stop informercials… You’ll not be surprised my house is filled to the brim with nonsense applyances :wink:

I’ve been listening to a lot of “16 horsepower” as well lately.

I have a machine randomly cycling through my mp3s (beats a massive cd-changer). The genres range all over the place, but I get an extra boost when things like Darkest Hour, Poison the Well, Atreyu, Fear Factory, and System of a Down (to name a few) come on.

I listen to:
Linkin Park
Drowning Pool
Limp Bizkit
Many other similar bands

And sometimes the radio…

I listen to frescobaldi, harpsichord etc

Radio, TV, ppl on me cell phone,…
Rammstein ((Lots of Lately))
Classic Metallica (not the new sell-out crap)
linkin park
Guns N Roses
50 Cent
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Marilyn Manson
Snoop Dog
Puddle Of Mud
Blood Hound Gang’s ‘Nothing But Mammals!!’
Matrix Soundtracks
LOTR Soundtracks
Star Trek Soundtracks

I used to have Goth-like-type music… but lost those Cd’s I burnt :frowning:

That’s all that’s on my WinAmp PlayList at the moment… LoL

There’s more on various CD’s I’ve burnt, lying somewhere around… but :stuck_out_tongue:

A ha ha… A ha ha… a ha… ha…[/quote]
That’s just poor.

Don’t try to express your emotions through me.