This question is directed mostly to those of you who have created short films (like @ndy and Mindfeilds) Where did you guys get your music for your films? Thanks


Game CDs often have a good range of music to suit different settings. They’re probably your best bet for finding a piece you like.

Movie soundtracks are a decent source too since each movie has it’s own moods enhanced by the soundtrack. If you’ve seen a movie you’ll have an idea of the music it contains. You can usually listen to samples of the soundtrack online too before you head out to buy the CD, or cough download it.

Well, what are the copyright policies? or stuff?

Doogs did the music for my short Rockhopper (

Most companies won’t mind you using their music as long as you aren’t profiting commercially from it. It’s best to list the music used in the credits.

You can even go to some music sites, etc. for exactly hosts the work of many artists, that not only just allow you to use their music in your projects, but I would dare say even encourage it (as long as you give them some credit ofcourse…)… But in any case it wouldn’t harm to contact them and have their approval ofcourse…


It would be more fun (and learn more) to create your own with something like Buzz (sequencing app), Noteworthy Composer (notation app that uses MIDI), or even Techno EJay (a simple drag-and-drop techno music app). You can create the music score to fit your images exactly this way rather than wasting time searching for the right music that will also fit your animation. Plus you won’t have any copyright worries.

I will check out for some music. I have also thought about using scores from other movies but I am pretty sure that its copyright infringment. I’ll check to make sure tho…

Game CDs often have a good range of music to suit different settings. They’re probably your best bet for finding a piece you like.

Game CDs? What do you mean? PC game CDs? If this is what your talking about, then, in many cases you’d have to find a way to rip the music from a archive file, wouldnt you?

thanks guys


PC games yes. Many of them store their music files as MP3s or .WAV files. Though some do store them in archives which are unreadable by any common music program. I believe @ndy used the music from Myst 3 in Mindfields.

If you’ve got a good collection of PC games chance is you can find some music to suit your project.

here’s my solution (yet to do it myself):

learn an instrument, start a band, make music, be happy! :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously, though, i think that there are copyright issues on game music, too…


Yeah I checked it out. You cannot use a song that has been copyrighted without permission. Not even if you give full credit… UNLESS you are using your production in a teaching environment :slight_smile:


Just produce it yourself in your studio! :slight_smile:

The producer spoketh! :wink:

just search around the net, a lot of people would gladly lend their music for non-commercial productions.


Thanks guys. I found the best source to be Theres some good stuff there.

I’d love to produce my own, but I’m definatly not a musician :slight_smile: