Hi everybody!
How is it possible to have music playing (mp3’s) in your game, and maybe have it loop or change.

research b4 u ask

ok, thanks for the link, but how do i get mp3’s to work??

they dont… u need to get a plugin to get it to work…its a python script… i used to know it

but now i just use audacity to convert mp3 to .wav

in Audacity, how do i change the directory for tmp folders?? NVM figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:

gah… forget everything just stick with your mp3’s :wink: .

Andy’s tutorial of using pygame in blender

Here’s my addition .blend tutorial to his

To get all the different things you want, you’d have to know a little python.

Jason Lin

OK, I tried to do the thing with the wave file, I did everything thats in the tut posted above, but somehow the music still does not play.

PS. I checked the wave file outside of blender, and it works fine
here are my settings

check your sound settings… its the 6th button on the panel then after that 3 more come up… its the third there

I know where the sound settings are… :-?

Everything seems to be fine, but ht esound is still not playing, maybe it takes some time to load? but anyway, here are my sound settings:

i apologize i have no idea…i never had a Problem with my sound…

Is the console/DOS window giving you any errors? This is the best place to find out what might be wrong especially when dealing with python.

YAY, thanks a lot everybody :smiley:

I finaly got it to work, trns out there was something wrong with the file.