Here are 2 of my most recent:

Comments / criticisms are always welcome!


… and a link to everything.

You have skills as a composer. The percussion parts are kind of busy, some of the percussion instruments could be taken out entirely IMHO.

The sound is a little generic as is often the case with these sampled libraries. The mix is quite dense also, you have to leave room in the spectrum for each instrument to sit well and breathe. Enter the Museum is better it this regard but I assume you pretty much mixed the samples as is.

Very good effort, you’re definitely on the right track.

I like “Enter the Museum”, it has a Rene Dupere/Benoit Jutras (Cirque du Soleil) feel to it.

I am kind ‘a’ going for a blend that makes it hard to discern individual instruments is the second one, looking for more of a fat chord sensation,
so I know what you mean there.
I’m still cleaning it up a bit getting a better blend and fixing the sloppy release times.

I’ll have a look at some of the percussion too.

Thanks for the input.