Do you guys know any open source music editor or music makers (that are decent)

Sure! Here you go!

I think this is the most professional music software from the opensource world.

I’ve seen that before- I didn’t know there was a windows build… Maybe I’m thinking of Goldwave…

Mmmm, there is csound too, but I think it´s a little more difficult to make up.

Check out this pages;

There is Rosegarden but I’m pretty sure there isn’t a windoze version

Audacity for editing. Depending what you’re making, anvilstudio might be good for making music might be worth a look and Agnula Demudi of course

Yo man that was grimy because I googled it before asking the forum and for the rest of you thanks I’ll try them and check them up. (by the way I’m using it for it to filter out noises (narations no sound room) and things of that nature, also to try and make some music).

Oh yeah I’ve noticed that most of these applications don’t support windows of cost money but I have to say from what I’ve looked at so far it seems like Rosegarden is the best. Sadly I can’t install linux onto my computer because of ceartain reasons trust me.

There are lots of modular trackers:

As well as MIDI sequencers, like Anvil Studio. Audacity allows you to do mixes, effects, as well as recording.

All of the above are available for Windows, and either free or open source.

Sorry about that- I was in a bad mood that day. I believe that Audacity has noise removal tools included, but I don’t think you could compose a score on it or anything… It’s frustrating for me to find good sound editing programs also, since my parents won’t let me install Ubuntu (being 13 sucks). I’ll keep looking for some decent programs and tell you if I find anything.