musical afternoon

okay, this work is finished. any c & c?

First off, the lighting is really well done. Really digging it. I just have a few crits. One would be that there aren’t any floor trims going around the floor. I think most every room has floor trims. That pulls away from how realistic everything else looks. Two, I think the curtain (is it a curtain?) in the window is too transparent and isn’t long enough in my opinion. Hmm, other than that, I think it’s an excellent job! The exterior looks really well done. Is that an Image? or did you model the trees?

Good work!


I agree 100% with Fliberty. The lighting and overall concept are A+… I would suggest making the curtain just a little bit longer…just past the window by about an inch to scale…and hmmm…now, I would go just a hair more on the texture for the guitar base (just the front face part of it that catches the light). Other than that…solid gold!

That render has a really nice feel to it! But as has already been mentioned, skirting boards would be nice, and so would a longer curtain.

Nice work

well, i had thought the work was work on this one was over, but now i guess i need to go back to the foundry on this one. the scene outside the window is an image, i didnt see much sense in actually creating 3d trees, besides i liked the particular image. i guess i will do away with the curtain in the next render. thnx for the valuable inputs. where would we be if not for this forum!!!

No no no…do NOT do away with the curtain! Just make it a little less transparent and a little longer…that’s all. I mean you can try a render with and without the longer version of the curtain, but otherwise, I do believe it adds a nice touch and displays a variance in your creativity! Great show lad! (<–I heard that somewhere and I just like to say it)

good work - nice composition

Nice stuff. All previous comments should obviously be taken into account, in my opinion. The thing is, though, that curtains are nearly impossible to do realistically without SSS, so you could either use one of those not-very-good sss fakers or wait for it to be released properly.

Some wood texture, bump map or whatever, on the instrument (is it a lute?) would make it look better too.

Really nice, though :slight_smile: