Musical Instruments (Evermotion collection)

I’m working on the newest collection of Evermotion. My task is to prepare about 30-40 different musical instruments. All the modelling and UV unwrapping is goin’ to be done in Blender. Here’s the first model - banjo.


Another model - this time gramophone.


Your meshes on both models looks great. Any chance of any renders (even if its just clay?).

Modeling 40 instruments on your own won’t be easy! Good luck!

wow! looks really nice so far : )

good luck with the 38 other instruments don’t give up (like I would probably do…) and keep posting your pics :smiley:

Great start
I’ll be following this thread

Those are some great looking models, will be nice to see the finished results.

Here’s the first stage of modelling harp (I have never expected it to be so difficult). I’ll try to publish final renders soon, although they won’t be made in Blender (Fryrender, Mental Ray, Scanline, Maxwell and Vray only).


OK, now it’s time for a contrabass.


Great start, are you going to add a subsurf modifier?
They look a little sharp in spots.

No, they are complete models with no additional modifiers (such as Subsurf or Turbo Smooth).

Now it’s time for taiko (I’ve found contrabass as a very hard to make so I’ve decided to model it a bit later).


OK, the last one for now - biwa. I’ll prepare all the shaders now for those five models.


O.O. Zounds but ain’t they nice models! No crits from me.

are you planning to share all theses nice models for music lovers ?

Thanks &
Happy blendering

Thanks for your support! Here’s a final render of banjo (made in V-Ray).


WOW!! this models are amazing! and the render of the banjo looks photorealistic!! great job :smiley:

OK, the gramphone is done.


Wow,that’s awesome!Good luck with the rest!(Just a question:are brass instruments and drumkit(s) included in the 40?)

I think you accidentally posted the reference instead of the render, you might want to fix that so people don’t get confused.

OK, so actually that looks really good, keep it up.

Well it only depends on me which kind of instrument I’m goin’ to make. So I guess there’s goin’ to be some brass instruments and drums.

if you want you could share theses base models by uploading theses to the blender 3D repository
so eveyone would be able to download whatever model of music instrument they like
it would be a great contribution

but you have to register first

happy blendering