Musical Instruments (Evermotion collection)

I’d love to but they are goin’ to be sold by Evermotion (, where I’m currently working. So I canot do that, sorry.

Harp is comin’ up!


Taiko’s comin’ up!


Your instruments are looking fantastic, which is much much more than I can say for the evermotion site. Unless this is commissioned I’d seriously consider another outlet as their site basically screams design ignorance. Seriously, this is incredible work, don’t let your sales medium bite you in the ass.

Biwa/pipa is coming!


Eh … wow? :eek:

You’re getting 5 stars from me.

Another two models - traditional chinese gong and qin.


Great modeling! Btw, do you use my script or render it in 3dsmax?

you need to make a tutorial on your texturing, its wonderful

adreymi - I export my objects to Max as a .obj files. Brados33 - thanks a lot!

Here comes qin.


Your texturing skills are crazy good

great, just great.


OK, here comes guzheng, the hardest instrument to model so far.


Oh wait… That’s NOT a reference… :eek:

I’m simply amazed.

Thanks for rating my thread!

Now it’s time for guzheng.

PS One more thing - there are people from all around the world here; if you would have any suggestion of making traditional instrument from your country just give me its name and I’ll try to do my best.


Finished gong (I’m not convinced if the shader is ok but I’ll let it stay that way for a time being).


OK, here comes harmonium - traditional arabic instrument.


I’m not from india but the traditional Sitar is a very beautiful instrument, especially if modelled in detail.

Thats wrong. The harmonium originated in france

Sorry, perhaps I made a mistake. I saw harmonium for the first time just 2 days ago - befoe that I had had no idea that such instrument even exist.

Although it is not from my country or even continent, I would suggest the charango. Judging by your models so far, if you would make one it would have quite a chance of being the nicest charango model ever made. :slight_smile: