Here is something I’m working on while I should be studying instead. There’s a black and a white version and I’m interested to see which people prefer.

I don’t prefer either. Its too busy. There isn’t one object of focus. My eyes aren’t naturally lead in a specific direction. The modeling is great, though. The horn on the right looks spot on, however it appears it, among other things, is floating. Also, if the keys were to look really limp (a la rope?), then that would be all right. But what you have now is a little confusing.

Yeah, I agree- composition is a weak point. Looking at two of them- white is certainly better- all parts are well lit and clearly visible. Interesting concept man- go on with it

Well, my plan is to actually make it busier as I add more stuff. As far as composition goes I’d appreciate any input. With regards to the floating sax Guitar87, I agree it looks like it’s floating but unfortunately it isn’t - the points of contact are just outside the image or behind stuff. I’ll have a mess around with it though.

Actually I like the black image. To me, it has more pop and more interesting reflections. I do agree that the piano keys would look better if it acted more like a rope or even a scarf and draped a little more.

I personally like the white image better, but if you were to lighten up the black one a bit more, I would like it better. One thing though, the first twist in the piano keys near the top, the black keys are severly stretched out.

thats pretty cool man…
im modeling a drum kit at the minute… i dont know much about texturing butt… how did you map the bassdrum… and alsoo… how did you get the hit affect on the skin?

lookin good mate… keep it up

Looks cool.
Personaly I prefer the white one

Some small changes:

Fairly final now I think.

the problem I see composition-wise is that you have the speakers/amps centered and then the eye is brought down and is supposed to go in opposite directions at the same time. If you brought the sax fully in frame and stood it up behind the drum I think it’d flow a lot better. my 2¢.

@ shannonhochkins: The Drum skin texture is all procedural, there is a base colour, with a cloud texture on it for some variation. Then there’s a spherical blend and a cloud texture that both mask out the hit marks. The marks themselves are just a musgrave->multifractal procedural with the brightness and contrast messed about with, mapped to colour and a bit of normal.

I agree with Clevelandfx (nice input btw)- you got nice, well textured models but composition requires re- touching.

Thanks for all your input. I agree with your points on composition and I tried out a few alternate arrangements, but none of them seemed to look as good. I didn’t have any clear ideas about composition going into this scene so I guess that’s why it doesn’t really work in that regard. Anyway aside from that I’m really happy with it so I’m calling it finished.