Musicians...Korg help

Okay, here is my problem. I have a Korg 01/W which I use as my master keyboard for my music system. The backlight for the LCD display is failing and makes things very hard to adjust. Yes, they can be replaced, and yes, I could do this myself, but they are spendy. I have this synth plugged into my midi sysyem which includes several other tone modules, drum machines, tape deck and such. My midi system is Steinberg’s VST and is currently running on my old MAC with OS 8.6. It works very well as a sytem, but the display on the Korg is really becoming a bit of a problem. All of my program/voice/volume changes and such are recorded by VST where I can then play with them. My question is this:
Does anyone know of an editor/librarian (prefferably open source)that will allow me to make such adjustments on screen instead of having to use on the on board LCD and still work with my sequencing software and MAC?

Thanx… :confused:

since you know the M1 well, why don’t you get a replacement one for cheap from ebay or a junk store? Besides, any MIDI controller can do what the M1 does so therefore you aren’t tied to that board … as you know.
Last, your sequencing software should allow you to make edits to all MIDI data and save the changes to an updated MIDI file.
Your equipment is quite old so I don’t know what version you have running on the Mac but for what it’s worth, I’d just pick up some 5 octave board which should be much cheaper than the $$ an electronic repair shop charges per hour.