Musicians lounge room

Here is some render from my latest project. Rendered with 1000 samples.
Hope you like them but but be honest :slight_smile:

PS: Do some one now how to attached more than 3 pictures?

Its really clean for 100 samples , nice job.Beautiful render!

Amazing work especially the floor i love it. Can i have a room?:smiley:

really nice images.
I have also a critic about the 2 first two images, tin my opinion the DOF is too strong.

About the floor, have you modeled the planks??
Could you share the material setup?

Great pictures lucblend, keep them coming :slight_smile:

perfect,nice materials and balanced lighting.i like how the white walls retain shading without becoming overlit and flat.can you share the whitewall material(diffuse set below 0.8?) and scene lighting setup.

I’m liking this room… it looks comfortable and welcoming. I really thought that was a unique guitar stand you modeled for the guitar.
Although if it was a true musicians room, it would probably have a few empty beer bottles laying around :slight_smile:

Her is to more renders from the scene.


Really beautiful renders! :smiley:

Thanks for you comments.
The lightingsetup is pretty simple. Just 3 arealights outside the window. And af HDR env texture.
Here is the materials-setup for the floor an wall.


Amazing render! Great job.

It looks really quite good. A whole lot of detail on small parts that make it all tie together nicely.
One critique is the scaling. It is quite close, which is probably why I didn’t notice it too much at first, but it sticks out most with the strands on the rug. The strands must be what, 2 or 3 cm? Some of the logs in the log shelf(?) could get lost in the fuzz.

Otherwise, really quite a nice render.

Realy nice renders. Although I have a feeling that some thing are out of scale. For ex. piano is in my opinion way too big or the room height is very low. Besides that very realistic and have a nice mood, especialy 3, 4rd viz.
Congrats. 5 stars from me :wink:

As someone who owns a baby grand, it looks fine to me. Mine is 38 inches high (with the lid down.) It’s not on rollers so those would add about another 4 inches. My ceiling is 95 inches high. So my piano on rollers would be about 44% of the height of the ceiling. His doesn’t look out of scale.

Beautiful job of modeling and rendering, Luc.

Steve S

Shag carpet.

Thanks a lot all for you comments and critique :slight_smile:

AniMeAniBe I have now checked the dimensions of the piano and must note that you are right. It is a little too big.

Evilde It is a type of carpet that have long hair as Steve mentioned. But it has really been hard to get the carpet to look right and is what I am most unhappy with. Maybe fibers have been thicker and put more down

Very nice indeed. A great job, well done!

Nice room, clean, simple a with a nice view. I think the sofa have a weird look but that´s all.

can you share the material for the couch??thanks…:slight_smile:

really great.