must have in blender - animation transfert script

I stumbled upon a super cool script for Max,

and wondered if someone could script it/ could help me to script it / or could tell me if something similar already exists for blender.

scripted offset animation is supercool make objects/words appear/grow/dissolve/ but now you have to do it by hand. make an animation, group it, duplicate it 100 times and shift the duplicates one by one over time. would be cool even if the array modifier has an option to offset the animations (sequentially)

so the basescript should:

  1. detach faces of object - optionally ->reset origin of faces
    1a)or start from group with objects in it

  2. influence the -visibility/rot/loc/scale
    based on the disctance from an empty (animatable)

2a) or animate all the object bases on a reference object animations, along a certain pattern

Thanks in advance