Must see this !!!

Ok, this woould be the second time I see this same web site with russian link text and stuff. How Do i feel you are just spamming for your web site or what not?

besides, is posting the same thing in multiple fourms really necescary?

delete your post here while you still have the chance!:

finally, you really ought to describe what you link to and use a meaningful subject [like: so-and-so really can paint…]. I only showed up here on a whim, but usually I avoid such threads.

Yea, I’ve seen this before. WTF is it?? And why are you posting it here?

MMmhh I need ti install a language plugin for this, the text is messed up and I can’t read a word of it. I can find the index of the forum, but that’s all. Why to check this out, if I can’t read it? :-?