Mustang: Concrete jungle

In Rio De Janero,Brazil You are an American detective undercover trying to find out if rumors of a gang holding nuclear arms is true.(thats the basic one I am still building up been working on it for about 30 min total(minutes combined I can’t work on it everyday)


A racing game that I am making where you are a transporter like guy and performing various task in a Latino ghetto. Specifically an uncharted place in Brazil. These task will be performed in your vehicle, a 2005 mustang. General missions will be like Drop off/pickup, Taking down a targeted gang members car’s(I might add a way to perform a drive by if people tell me I should) other than that you will have to hit the car to take it down.

Here’s what I have so far…

Another project?

People will not take you as a serious developer who can finish projects if you quit just when you get to a barely playable alpha demo after a few days. (See your FPS game which never got anywhere)

yes i agree i doubted you last time and now that you quit that project i doubt you will ever get a game done.

isnt there a predator concrete jungle?

I didn’t quit I just started a new project so I am currently in 2 projects. And yes I believe there is a predator concrete jungle. and R U the same hellayeah47 that makes those awesome tutorials on youtube?

yes, he’s the same hellayeah47, great job, I wouldn’t have NEVER guessed… Him having the exact same name here on the forums and on youtube, wow, he couldn’t of ever made it more complicated… (sarcastic)


Why? Why did you start another project? You can’t work on 2 of your own projects at a time, I have no believe you will finish this and the other one. I have 0% faith that you will… Nothing, you’ve started like at least 6 projects, and failed in each of them… So there is no reason to believe you will finish this… How many times has everybody told you? When you start a game project, you need to have much more done, A LOT more, no one is taking you serusly, everybody knows in a 2 week length of time, your going to fail, so please, before you post again, make MORE progress, make actual gameplay, not small ones like:

Hey, I’ve added a new logic brick… Here’s the .blend.

Make some gameplay, come back and show us. Because again, no one is taking you seriusly…

btw: 30min is not enough, it doesn’t make you ‘Wow, this guy is impressive… 30 min of work? wow, that’s down right crazy!!’

its not wrong to start a new project. i’ve started and failed at probably over five game projects before

Yea, myself I never finished a project yet.
and I’m not really proud of this.

but I’m more likely to say that the goal
of any game project may seem to produce a complete game,
but when you’re freely devoting time and effort to create a game,
I’d rather say that the REAL goal is to simply have fun during the project.

to have a complete game to show off at the end of the project is just a bonus.

ok fine, it’s all about fun right? Great, so it’ll be better if he makes it on his own ‘for fun’, instead of making a thread here :slight_smile: That way he’ll learn more, and not waste forum space :wink: Everybody wins!

Its also fun to read about WIP games in the making that will never be finished…

not if they don’t have anything in them. Usually people who post here at least have screenshots of gameplay, or at the minimum, models. I know you had screens on your zombie game thread, but not much content in those.

Update screenshots, video and a download !

Link to download

Link to video

(I have screenshots but they are not very descriptive and do not have much content so watch the vid for more content)


5 thumbs up for photorealistic mustang!

and here is the new V. (I’m focusing mainly on gameplay right now not really the enviroment…)


racing.blend (549 KB)

umm… that video was weird, sound especially.

Car has way too many polygons, car physics are strange and why are there so many armatures?

Well now I know you’re a kid, which actually does shed some light on the way you post, the typical enthusiastic and big dreaming pre-teen

I assume you have your father helping you with the game, or just the YouTube video and presentation?

No I am not a preteen I am a teen, also my father has no knowledge whatsoever of me game programming/creating and nor does anyone else I know except random people on forums. Lastly I am perfectly capable of making a youtube video on my own. I have a 13" mac book pro and use imovie to create vids…

Ok back to the point, New pic(I re textured the model :P)

@martinsh I have redone everything


hey guys… just the record some kids cough cough me* can get something done. i’m kinda getting tired of the adults talking down on all the kids. we aren’t all ignorant and we don’t all aim to high
P.S is that ur texture cause if not you might want to watch for copy right.

is that ur texture cause if not you might want to watch for copy right.

blending user: don’t have to worry about copyright on the car (I don’t think…) unless you actually call it a mustang… either way no crime unless you sell it :slight_smile:

I was purely kidding in my last post, the car looked rancid :X