Mustang in a night scene

After about a week of looking for a decent city night hdri map I finally found one here: There’s some other good ones there too so I’ll be back for my next project :eyebrowlift:. This is really only my third “completed” render since I started messing around with Blender a few months ago, so be kind with the comments ;). It took me about a dozen or so test renders (@30-35 mins ea.:mad:) to get the reflections the way I wanted them. I did some final touch-ups in GIMP.


i know u spent alot of time getting the reflections right, so your probably going to hate me for this. The car is way to shiny. And the reflections on the windows is to coloured.

Go out and look at any cars window in the real world and you’ll see that its not an exact reflection. The reflection in the windows are usally washed out and not amazingly obvious.

Make a couple more changes and you’ll have a really nice piece of work. Good job so far

I don’t hate you…constructive criticism is good! The car is definitely shiny, but I was somewhat going for that. As for the window reflections, you are absolutely correct for the front windshield, but for the sides, if the windows are tinted pretty dark (which mine are, this is a model of my own car) then the reflections are pretty clean.
Definitely points well taken though, thanks!

better would be to show us some day scene, so car will be visible…now there isnt much of critisismwhen we dont see it clearly