Mustang Sally

Alright, took the p51 mustang, fmaous WW2 fighter, and am making a sci-fi version.

My first attempt at UV mapping, so go easy on me (first attempt in 5 years of blending… so behind the times)

The rear is only bump mapped, no texture yet, and still have texture all the details.


that’s starting to look awesome. I think the uv mapping looks fine. can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished.

whoa…I feel like I’m gonna get sucked into the jet in the front. good work!!!

Sweet, it would make a greate F1 too bad thats still 6 monthes away :frowning: not much too comment on so keep blending!

Awesome design Nayman, but yours always are. :wink: Superb mixture of old with new.

There is a little bit of stretching in the front around the intake, but it is minor and should be easily fixable.

Great job making it RCAF too. Just had to plug that.


neat. its like WWII if it occurred in an alternate universe :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. great modeling and texturing.

the proportions really bother me though. It looks like it will flop forwards onto its nose and squeal “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. I can’t see how it would ever fly. Or how the pilot can see anything in front of him (unless it’s above him).
I’d balance the massive nose out with a very large tail section maybe. with such a huge nose, a massive, chunky exhaust would probably look right at home. and maybe a little bit larger wingspan. you COULD shrink the nose, but I’d leave it as is.

swet! great concept, and i like the way u made it scifi. uv mapping is pretty good for my limited experience. u gonna make a scene for it?