mustang [wip]

here is a mustang i wanted to make but it didnt look as good as i wanted it to look:(though i worked hard on it …[note] :-the front grill can only be seen on LCD screens or good screens becouse i couldnt see it one my freinds computer screen



C & c are please

Hey there!
That is a nice Mustang , i love Mustangs.
Can you send some blueprints…i need them.


hey,thanks this is the main blue prints web site
sorry , i have lost this cars blueprint but i d-loaded it from that site
by the way do you see the front grill ??

Major hawtness! Great job.

  1. Tires look a bit too pale
  2. When youre done wallpaper size renders plz! :slight_smile:

Tires look a bit too pale

sorry ,but i didnt under stand becouse i am not good at english.and i will render a wallpaper size …any ways do you see the front grills ??becouse my friends dont have LCD screen so he couldnt see it

yes we see the front grills.

in my opinon your tires should be darker (black-er sorta)

ok i will work on that any thing else ?

Wheelsbase appears too wide. I don’t think the tires should stick out quite that much. I can’t tell… Are the lights just textures? If they are, it would help your model alot to model them. They look kinda flat right now. If they are carefully modeled, excuse me, I just can’t quite tell, (lighting might help there.) Other than that, very cool!

actually non of these are textures exept those stripes… i didnt know how to make the front lights((the lower ones)) so i just extruded individual faces and made it transparent and gave it some reflection to trick peoples eyes but it didnt work …same for the back light but it worked a little it…about the lightning i just put one spot inside the car and another at left-front of the car and i will work on the tires…
any thing about colours ??and the interior ??

Work on the lighting because it isn’t so visible now.

actually there is lots of things poeple who dont have lcd cant see it …like :-front grills & they see a dark scene but actually its not and the car have a front grill too…

Sorry but i wont be able to render for some time becouse of my maths examinations((i really hate math))and i really sure that i will fail.
but i will work on it…

Thanks GE-FORCE, the page is very useful . And yes i can see the grill on my laptop.
Can you please send some wires i am a bit confused…never modeled a car.
Thanks again

The overall shape is good, but I have problems with the wheels too…It just doesn’t look like there is any room to pump air into them, especially on the first image you provided. The wheels appear to be 98% rims and 2% tyres. This makes the car look a bit like an RC car. The image also lacks a bit of color and contrast to my taste. Black car, grey background… But perhaps that’s a stylistic choice on your part…

Other than that, it looks good. With a few tweaks here and there I’m sure you’ll get the desired result.

Online :Yes i will post it tommorow becouse internet in kuwait is Tooo slow
V1960 :actually some racing cars have only Rubber tires with no need for air ,abt the background color thats the oly one i have found good .
Why dont you ppl suggest colours for the car and the BG??

Get some reflection map for the hull… Stick the front tires more inside (they look like they stick out of the car now bit too much)…

here are some updates but still…
some rendered wire frames…

and some screenshots

Can i have some crits??? tommorow is my last day in this week

It very good.
I that he a bit more high poly than that.
Very nice mesh

so , do i call it finished or any suggest ??