This is my first attempt at modelling and animating a character. I think I need to complete the following steps to start learning animation:
The next steps are:

  • Have eyes follow an empty.
  • Lock eyes and teeth to body mesh for movement.
  • Rig body (Ears included).
  • Set-up eyebrow expressions.
  • Set-up phonemes and mouth expressions.I have no idea how to complete these steps, or if they are correct. I will keep searching but any help would be appreciated.


Looks pretty good for a learning animation! From what I know, the first three are right. Not sure about the fifth though. But for the eyes, just use the TractTo Constraint feature (hotkey Ctrl + T). First select the eye then the empty and use that feature. I used two emptys for each eye so that I can make his eyes do funny things. And for the eyes and teeth to lock position to the body, just parent them to the body. (hotkey Ctrl + P) First select the eye/teeth and then the body and use the hotkey. Now when you move the body the eyes and teeth will move with it. But they can move on their own as well. Hope that helps!

Pair the eyes to a bone and integrate them into the rigging part. Makes animation easier then pushing an empty around.