Mutant Alien Dinosaur Animation - Update 6/7/05

Well, I’m not sure what else to call this thing but the Mutant Alien Dinosaur. Anyway, this is an ever on-going project that I’ve recently become interested in again after putting it up for a bit (and, therefore, forcing me to remember how to do Blender once again).

Mutant Alien Dinosaur’s (MAD’s) model needs…a bit of work. Okay, a lot of work. A whole lot of work. Ignore that little fact of life. What I’m interested is the movement. I’ve been playing with the NLA strips and trying to get four gaits to look decent and now I want an opinion.

And, yes, I know the arms are stuck in one location. That bothers me too. However, I’ve been much more interested in the feet, tail, hips, and head bob. Pardon the .zipness of the files, but I need to save space in my account. All are in .mov format when opened.

Walk: (1.1 MB zipped / 2.8 MB unzipped)
Trot: (880 KB zipped / 2.1 MB unzipped)
Pace: (920 KB zipped / 2.2 MB unzipped)
Bound: (804 KB zipped / 1.9 MB unzipped)

And, double yes, I need to work on finding the right balance in compression and quality and frame rate and so on to prevent file bloat. Yet one more thing in my Things To Do list.

So, any suggestions on the MAD’s gaits, with particular attention to feet, hips, tail, and head?

Nice work man. :smiley:

For a first look - something is not right with femur - you can can see it especially in BoundTest - one leg covers the second - this is not physically right and I think it should be corrected. Also the curvature of the body during the movement is too small - i think that the head and tail should move more on right and left side. ( see the lizard walkcycle - the spinal part have a quite big field of movement ). Ok I think that is all for now.

I will be very pleased for other views of this model. Maybe then I will tell you more.

The concept is very creative, but as mentioned, there is something wrong with the one leg over the top of the other. It just doesn’t look possible. The actual cycle is good. The only thing on the bound one, the toes on the jumping legs should push more off the ground. Right now they just look like they are peeling off the ground if that makes sense.

Thank you very much for your replies and critiques.

I’ll have to look into the leg thing…I don’t see it personally. Then, again, sometimes it takes someone /not/ working on a project to see the obvious. I’ll look it over at some different views to see if I can see what you two are seeing. Additionally, I think I’ll post a front view once I work a bit on the bound cycle’s toes (and slip in a bit of arm movement).

Until the next update!

Been working on the MAD, and here’s an update. Zipped .mov files are still ponderous (I feel), unfortunately, and bloating as we speak. Still been too lazy to fiddle with the formats to find somthing that isn’t outrageous for file size when rendering. Maybe when I pass 10 Mb I’ll actually be motivated to do something about it? Anyway…

Walk: (1.5 Mb zipped / 2.8 Mb unzipped)
Trot: (1 Mb zipped / 2.5 Mb unzipped)
Pace: (1 Mb zipped / 2.6 Mb unzipped)
Bound: (1 Mb zipped / 2.5 Mb unzipped)

As far as what I’ve done:

  1. Found that leg thing visible in Bound and, to a lesser extent, Pace. I jsut wasn’t looking at the right angle, I guess, the first time around. To fix it, I put the MAD on a serious diet and gave it a belly lift, as well as narrowed and shaped it so it now has a less rectangle-like approach to life in the torso department. There was also some subtle reangling of joints and recontouring of the hip without actually making it any wider.
  2. Became sick and tired of the arms staying in one location, so rigged them and added their action to the gaits. Still stuff to work on there, but better.
  3. Bound 'springy’ness. I fiddled with the feet a bit on the Bound, but I don’t know if I the toes any more springy to a great degree. I think I have some more work there to do.

Still to do in immediate future:

  1. Tail and head back and forth as per WermooZ. Yes, I agree that need a bit more motion there, lateral and up/down. On my “To Do” list.
  2. Back to the springy toes.
  3. Take the time to decrease file bloat.
  4. Small hand bouncing and some arm fiddling so that the hands/arms look a bit more natural.

So…any other suggestions? Comments? Critiques? (On the gaits)