Hi blenderers!, i might submit some graphic art to the EXPOSE 3 thingy contest so i’m doing some concept sketches of a mutant/borg/mosnter before
i make it into 3d, C&C’s if yu please…:wink:

this be the first of the sketches many more to come…

things coming from his back to fill the grey space :stuck_out_tongue:

heres a different one…

got bored of the sketching just started modeling see what comes out…

here’s some wip pics …yeah i know i’m probably doing
all of this the wrong way but hey that’s why i put it here so yu can help me…Lol :wink:

Interesting to see a step by step head mesh, you don’t see a lot of them so simply put. A nice insight into head modelling.

some links that may help :o

thanx robdollar i’ll try to post my progress like that so ppl can see …

cool links fly thanx…i’ve tried the torQ method is a bit too time consuming for me though…i like to think of the mesh as clay when i model …

why is it everytime I do something , someone points out a better way to do it two days later :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of the 4 days I spent trying to make perfect reflections on a floor and the day I was done , Blender released the raytracer :-?

Nice work on the character so far , comming along nicely .

glad yu like it MGK…heres more wip pics and a little render to test skin material… what yu think?..