Mute/Disable driver without deleting it

Is there a way to disable a driver without deleting it, similar as mute node in the node editor?

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In 2.79 and back there is a little speaker looking icon.

Do you know if there’s an option in 2.8 for this?

even though it is a silly way to disable the driver, since you are not allowed to modify the driven value anyway, unless you delete the driver.

Hey, no I do not, I am not on that version yet - I would think it would be in one of the driver panels.

Well I am having this problem in 2.80 where my shapekey driver, on creation, is muted by default. What could be causing this? how do I unmute it?

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NECRO REPLY: fwiw, toggling the checkbox keeps the last value evaluated, so you won’t see a big visible change. This tripped me up. It retains the last evaluated value.