Muti Touch Screen Video


Some of you may have already seen this, but a friend of mine just pointed out this video to me. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to use. It would be cool if the blender developers started implimenting multi-touch functionality so when such a thing goes main stream (which I hope it will) Blender will be first and foremost in this area. Think about resizing, rotating, moving, scupting, and many more actions without the use of a keyboard. All it will need is a few simple screen touches!

that is incrdible!!! can you even buy those though? :confused: :confused:

If some random user codes it in we could have that for Blender.

Though i’d be more interested in using Blender with a Brain computer interface like the one they showed at CeBit.

But the fact you can use multiple fingers at once is amazing technology, but it would probably be a little tiring to use them constantly on a verticle screen like on most computers, the one in the video was more parrelel to the ground.

It looks good. The only downside to these things of course is that you get the display dirty easily. And if you have a habit of picking your nose (or other orifice), it’s even worse. I don’t mean me btw.

Hehe, I’v seen this video a long/long time ago. A teacher of MultiMedia Engineering on my school is trying to make such a input screen for his visualisation program called Resolume. It’s a VJ software that already has got a lot of features.

Anyways, he told us in like 15 minutes how you could simply build one with LED’s. So now oure complete class is waiting for him to finish it. Personally I think he could make it since he’s really good at writing c, c++, opengl, and all the stuff related, as well in making technical things like an oldschool pong console connected to a VJ software and use it that way. He also made a ScannerCamera made of a scanner and 60thies style camera, and a beamer made of an old flatscreen. No we wait with full joy on the multi-input LED screen he’s trying to make. :stuck_out_tongue: