Mutiple UVs question

Hi all,

I just need some help with a problem that’s really slowing my project down.

I’m working on a Enterprise refit model and I’m having trouble texturing the saucer section. The saucer was modeled as one piece, then I made 3 vertex groups which are saucer_top, saucer_sides, and saucer_bottom because I would like to use three separate texture maps and different UVs for each vertex group. For instance, projection from view for the top and bottom and cylinderical for the sides.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to get cycles materials to use the UV maps individually without mixing all of them together.

I’m starting to think this isn’t possible. Am I going to have to separate my saucer into 3 separate parts?


Use an Attribute node to specify the name of whatever UVMapping you want to use

Tried that.

It doesn’t seem to distinguish between the separate UVMaps, just keeps mixing them.


Do you have 3 uv maps created, or just 3 vertex groups?

You’re probably trying to think separate UV maps as different portions of the model, which is not the case. When you unwrap, UV map get coordinates for everything. If you have multiple UV maps, all of them have coordinates for the whole model, but you can leave just some portions on the UV area and move the rest aside.

You can assign a different material for different parts of the model, or you could do one complicated one with nodes. Since you’ve already put different portions to vertex groups, I’d suggest to select portion at a time and assign a different material to them (copy the settings).