muzzle flash.

ok ive made my plane with the flash as a texture, made the rotating animation, and set the controls, the textures background is black and i dont want to see the black just the flash. help would be really nice.


I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but it sounds like you just need to make the flash texture transparent, and not on a black background.

right! but i dont know how to make the back transp so could u tell.

How did you make the image? Or did you just find the image? If you posted the image, I might be able to edit it for you.

There is an option you can set to tell it to make the black transparent. To do this first go into edit mode(2.46) or UV Face select(pre 2.46) and select the face that has the texture. Go to the edit panel and select the Texture Face tab. At the bottom of it there should be an option marked Opaque. Next to it there is an Add option. Choosing the Add option sets the face transparent and then applies the texture as if it were using the add method with standard texturing. It will (hopefully) make the black background transparent. I know that this is what they did for the FPS template in the 2.43 demos

Hope this helps!

You can get a convincing flash by rapidly scaling one or more planes with an alpha mapped texture. If you use add, I think it adds the textures color and brightness values to the background so it appears even brighter, or luminous. Always check the normals direction is facing the camera, even while playing back any anim. Some time with billboard pressed, if the rotation of the object is not correctly set, it can be edge way on to the camera when p is pressed. There is also the two side button, but I assume it uses more resources at runtime.
So I would say check rotation, normal direction, and correct uv mapping.

Thats all I can think of for now.


you could also try UV mapping the image to the plain, deleting all materials, and parenting the flash to the gun (this is important. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t work if you don’t do it.)

You need to go into edit mode and hit “tex face” tab and hit transp.

ok could one of u show me how to load the texture like a tiny tutorial.

ok does any body know this means: “no active face” because this is what i get when i try to go the tab " texture face".

You have to set the tex of the plane to a valid texture. Just go into edit mode and go into the UV editor and assign the material to the texture (hit alt+z to make sure the plane has the texture) and then load the tex face tab.

could u maby have some screen shots of this because im to retarded to figure this out

OK. First, check to make sure that the face is textured within the UV Editor. For this step, simply select all the vertices and press the U key. I would suggest selecting Reset, but if the plane is completely flat to the viewport, you can use the Project from View (Bounds) option.

After the object has been unwrapped, go to the UV Image editor. It will probably be blank, so (while still in Edit Mode) assign an image to the UV Layout. This is what will show up within the Game Engine.

Next, return to the 3D viewport and switch to Face Select. Then select the face and it should have little dot indicating that it is the active face. You should then be able to use the TexFace options

If your image has an alpha background, choose the Alpha option in the TexFace tab. If the background is black, choose the Add option. It may make the flash brighter, so if you don’t want it to be brightened, you should find a way to replace the black with alpha.

Choosing the Alpha option may cause the flash to be affected by light, but I really don’t know.

A tip for working with alpha: Jpegs do not have an alpha channel. PNGs do, but you should open it with the GIMP to check.

Sorry that there aren’t any screenshots, but I think you’re more than capable of figuring it out.

zerg thanks so much! as u can tell it worked, but once more thanks!!!