MuzzleFlash Smoke Stock Footage

I’ve been trying to make smoke stock footage for a muzzle flash.

Here are my three variations so far:


would be nice to see some flame at beginning too

how did u do it with cycles ?

happy cl

Thanks RickyBlender.
The person I am making this for already has flame assets that I made for him, so it was unnecessary to do those again for this.
And yes, I did it in cycles.

I made an emitter with a displacement for variety and animation the domain to go to the right, cutting of the left side as time went on. I then animated the domain material to make it fade out.

I was looking to do that in cycles
but did only the flame part which looks not too bad

can this be scaled and re located to the mouth of a canon for instance ?

is it possible you upload a sample file
would like test check it tout

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What files do you want me to send? the .blend or the videos?

just the blend or if set up is easy show it here in thread

wondering if this can be scale to fit in front of a cannon mouth !

if you have a render with fire would be nice to see it too

happy bl