MV Agusta Brutale Motor

Hi to all,
have passed centuries from last time I wrote on this forum.
I’ve finally finished a “part” of a big project started more or less 1 year ago: an Agusta Bestiale motorbike.
The finished part I’m talking about is the motor; I’ve putted so much effort doing it that I made a couple of renders on it’s own.

The renders are made with Octane 1.11 post-production with Photoshop.

Here we are:

Hi-resolution Image

Hi-resolution Image

Some details:

And a Clay render of the overall progress of the motorbike:

If you are interested in the WIP you can go to my blog here:

Thanks for comments and critics.

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Square come mai nel titolo è agusta brutale e nel post bestiale?

Ops, I forgot I was on a English forum, excus e me :wink: but I knew Square is Italian so I wrote in Italian :wink:

Because the final motorbike that I want to model is the Agusta Bestiale which is nothing more than a concept hull for the Agusta Brutale :slight_smile:

Fantastic.I have no other words.

Beautiful job on the model and textures. Bravo!

Accipichia, imponente!

(sorry, rusty Italian)

Bravo ! Superb hard-surfaces modeling skills and nice Blog ! keep them coming !

Saw it on DA, stunning render :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t this be featured?

:smiley: you should post a wire!! stunning.

Thanks to all for the comments :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Of course :slight_smile:
Some clay renders with wire:

Amazing! Keep them coming

Amazing detail and materials, nice job!

I like the detail and variation of materials on it! Nice job! :smiley:

Outstanding. Hard to believe it was done in Blender…

Really good model, thanks for posting the wires

Wow! That looks great! The textures are outstanding. And the model its self is great!

Beautiful! Just curious how many vertices in your whole engine model?

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