My 100+ Free Cycles Procedural Textures - Blend Files and/or Settings Included

(Tomas Matejka) #41

Epic. Thank you

(RickyBlender) #42

thanks for sharing

would it be possible to make like a planet pack
for the several post at the beginning

happy cl

(Romanji) #43

Thanks a lot. :+1:

(obsurveyor) #44

You should tag your first post with #downloadable so these show up there. Really looking forward to digging into these over my upcoming vacation.

(CarlG) #45

Yes you can. The settings for the planetary stuff are shown, and doesn’t look like it takes many seconds to copy.

(RickyBlender) #46

I know that
but most of the other are already pack

so for people doing planets it might be useful to have a pack already done and ready to use instead of passing 1 hour to make a nodes set up and debug it !

happy bl