My 1080 ti is rubbish

So guys i really need help and in advance i really appreciate it

my current setup is
core i7 7700k
gtx 1080 ti 11gb gamerock
ssd hard disk
24 gb ram
and i test the class room scene in default setting i did not change anything i directly download it and render it

but its seems in the cpu is faster and rendering the whol scene in 30 min

but on the 1080 ti gpu render it in 3 hours !!! please do tell me what am doing here wrong
i saw the 1080 ti bench mark render the classroom scene in 3 min or so !!!

i am really sad and disappointed

i using blender v 2.79

please be kind and help me and tell me what am doing wrong and which settings are the best for the render because in benchmark it should render it in gpu in 3 min but instead mine do it in 3 hours !!!

here is some screenshots for my settings please check it out

When you render with only GPU, you should use higher tile size (512x512 for example).

Also check this addon: Auto Tile Size (comes within Blender). It adjusts tile sizes according to your render resolution ratio.


In that version of Blender 2.79 you need large tiles for GPU rendering.

If you download a current experimental 2.79 or 2.80 build from:

Then it will work best with small tiles (16x16 is often optimal) and you can also enable GPU+CPU in your CUDA devices which will let it use both while rendering for a nice boost.

The average render time on the Blender Benchmark site is nearly 18 minutes, so it’s not the fastest scene in the world to begin with.

In 2.80 with 16x16 tiles, CPU+GPU, 32 samples, Denoising on, it should render in a little over a minute. Tune to taste.


thank you so much !

This was helpful thank you so much !

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