My 11 second club entry August 2014

Sometime i say its good, sometimes i say its bad. I give up! Here is my 11 second club entry for 2014.

Any comments appreciated.

It’s not that good - the mouth isn’t synchronized to the vocal track so much as it kind of reflects that there are syllables and the jaw moves at those moments. And there’s nothing TO the 11 seconds. If you look at the winners - or even most of the submissions – there’s something going on. It’s not just 11 seconds of lip-synched words.

Is there more to your idea? Like - maybe put a dead dog, or a dog carpet like a bear skin rug, behind him, and let him glance over to it between the two phrases. Something - ANYTHING to add to the story.

Having tried a few of the animation exercises on the 11 second club I would say you made a valiant attempt. I have to ask, how did you do the lip synch? Did you use a tool or just hand animated it?

Hand animate, thanks for the comments , i have no intention of winning. I like telling stories through animation. If i was that good id be working at pixar or something similar.

Personally, I think is good, I see a lot of “horrible” animation things and this was good :slight_smile:

The movements are fluid.

Sometimes i look at it at it looks crap, other times not to bad. I realise now the lipsync is bad. Tried to go for a natural look, so the mouth doesnt look busy. Never the less on to the next Blender adventure.

Hi Koumis,

I’ve been working on 11 second club animations off and on, glad to see others give it a try!!! Not many users around here try them…

Have you posted this over at the 11 second club forums? You’ll get much better feed back over there than you will here.

I see two things I’d like to comment on. First, he never really seems to close his mouth. His mouth is open before he even starts to speak, and while there is a pause in the speech, his mouth doesn’t close. Maybe start with a closed mouth and definitely close his mouth in the pause in the dialogue.

Second thing I see is there is no real movement, pretty much the same pose thru the whole thing. Maybe during the pause in speech, he could turn around and look the other way, to the left side of the screen, then turn back around as he starts speaking again…

@ Atom & Koumis: When I do lip sync, I create a pose library of basic phonemes, scrub thru the time line and insert poses as needed. Then I go back thru and change the poses as needed, open the mouth more and move the lips more if the character is shouting, or less if whispering.

Hope you keep at it, not many animators around here… and it’s something I am trying to learn as well…


Thanks randy, i copy and paste mouth from previous key frames, this seems to be a mistake. The pose library is definately the way to go next time. Thanks for the tip!

Not to fussed this time, next time ill try and do better. I’ll try and give my self big pauses in between, so i can see the animation from a fresh perspective and get 11 sec advice as well.


Just thought id add, that i did realy bad, hopefully ill do better next time.

Thanks to all who viewed and commented!!

Hey hey now, my entry came in right above yours, and I was thrilled that I wasn’t dead last. I’d have loved to be in the top 100, but the feedback comments were super supportive and helpful.

This month, I’m shooting video of myself overacting the line, and I’ll animate to that. I should’ve done that last month.

Best of luck!

water off a ducks back! i do it for the love of it!!