My 1st attempt at a decent render

Hi, I’m new here :wink:
I’m a total newbee when it comes to 3D modelling (and rendering) and this is my first somewhat serious attempt at making something decent.

The original image is 1680x1050. This on is cropped in the center a bit.
Please give some suggestions for improvement! Thanks!

Wow, thats great for a first attempt. The only crit i can see is that the spoons look a bit too much like plastic.

woa! i think you achivede your goal of a decent render! lovely!

Looking great.
Some things to improve:

  • Add some coffee spots to the cups. Looking at the table the cups should be more dirty
  • Add structure to the table by adding some texture.
  • Add some ashes and maybe a half burned cigarette to the ashtray giving the scene a story
  • the spoon material seems a little flat due to the reflections. Try adding a enviroment map to give some more realistic reflections or add some stuff to the enviroment which can only be seen through reflections.
  • try using a different renderer (new lights and material need tweaking, lots of work) Choices would be yafray, indigo or the new luxrenderer.

Thanks all for the suggestions… I’ve thought about the cigarette and coffe spots :wink:
I’m not sure about a different renderer… Yafray gives horrible results and you can’t see progress while rendering… I agree on the spoons, I’ll try and look into environment maps. Don’t know what that is yet :slight_smile:

you can see progress of Yafray’s rendering, just turn off the XML export (f10-> second card of Yafray’s settings-> turn off the xml button).

by this you also get some speed improvement, because it renders directly.

btw: if my first “decent” render looked like this, i would be definitely proud of myself :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Okay I added some cigarettes, but I can’t work out the smoke…
The particle system doesn’t seem sofisticated enough to handle that sort of thing yet… I might add it in PS later on…

I wanna try to add some ashes too, but I don’t yet know how.
I also updated the spoons, they look better with env map, but I’m gonna remove the bump. It interferes with the AA.


I don’t think the bump on the spoon is nessecary loose it.
The smoke should work with particles. Take a look at the work of RobertT he did smoke with particles that looks really sophisticated. You need to combine the particles with textures to get a decent smoke look.

K, I’ll look into it… I rearranged the spoon so it looks better now, and I added a ‘scratch’ texture so it looks just a tiny bit used…

I’m a bit clueless as to the floor btw… Don’t know what to do with it… I might try to make some tiles to give it a ‘kitchen’ look or something… .Ideas welcome :wink:

Thanks for the heads up on the smoke, I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

pretty cool render… i didn’t read all of the comments. but i think the cups are to reflective, i think you should turn down ray mirror.?

Looking at that render I think it’s safe to say your nolonger “new” to 3d :slight_smile: