My 1st blender project (flashback)

Early in summer 2005, I decided to do fanart for an online comic in the forum. I got rid of the image from the host waay back, and just found it in -of all places; my email (i submitted this to the blender gallery :-? ) -I still have a long way to go; but here’s my old blender project. I was soo hooked to anime…
Hope someone likes it(I don’t have the .blend anymore :frowning:


Its a little to bright,It’s hard for me to make it out.Can you reduce the light or edit it on an image program?

I think it’s just a fight scene (someone powering up or something --I did say I liked anime; so that’s what I based it on)
–It’d be a waste of time editing it; there’s not much to it: Just a girl colored with multiple materials, and a low poly untextured sword guy. Both are subsurfaced.