My 1st Blender + YafRay render

Hi all.
I´m new on this forums and wanted to learn some Blender. I´ve been modelling for 4 years and I want to try something new. I´ve been using Zmodeller, Anim8or, Gmax, 3DsMax… but now it´s Blenders turn :slight_smile:

This render could be much better, but oh well :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have any experience in Maya?

No I dont have any experience of it.

Or have you tried Softimage XSI or Cinema 4d?

No. Why are you asking? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because they are good programs, especially XSI.

have you tryed lightwave?

The reason I ask is because I’m in a summer class teaching the basics of Maya.

I’ve heared Cinama 4D isn’t really that great, but I’ve never used it.