my 1st car

hi! my first post ever…

here is my first car… i’d like some comments on what was made so far.
i “tried” to follow the blueprints of a honda civic mx 1991 model. :o
still lots of parts missing! :eyebrowlift2:


looks good so far. can i see i wire mesh please?

here are wireframes… but i’m not sure how to do it right, coz some of the wireframe images i see from other posts don’t look this way…


wow thats your firste ever car ? man how much you learn blender

blenderart magazine was a great help for me… :smiley:
am not yet sure what to do with the headlights… :o

here is a detail of the headlights… can someone tell me if i’m doing it right? i plan to put geometries inside the headlight structure that’ll look like bulbs, reflectors, etc…
edit: or is there a better way of doing it?


Hi! good job !
You’re on the right way, i think.

hey, i love this car! going great, here are some pics i took of this car (in real life), might be of help, its a wicked car:

it might be a little older, but the same basics.

thanks jesusfrk14! i guess i need to adjust some parts. Mine has too round/smoothed edges. :smiley:

well, this is an older car, and yours is newer and would have rounder edges. But I wanted to buy that car so much ($3000), but it sold :frowning: but i got memories :wink:

took me a while, before updating my car, been busy with lots of things. anyway, here is my wheel…
i plan to do something with the skirt, and side mirrors.


great, pretty detailed!

haven’t found a good material for the tire yet… but here is a render…


looks good

jesusfrk14: thanks for watching over this thread! i’m assured, that atleast someone is interested with my car :smiley:

lol. i love cars

i thought i won’t be able to work on my car again… :smiley: found time to work on it. here are some updates. finished all the windows. next thing: the back bumper (?)


nice car & good go ,can you tell us how did you start modelling {i mean from which part and using what ?}

It’s looking good. By all means keep going…

thanks GE-force and johnV.
i started with the hood… and went my way up, then to the side. :smiley:
GE-Force: i liked your mustang better than mine. saw it a while ago