My 1st human sculpt

Hi everyone. I would like to hear what you think about my 1st sculpt. Things that especially interest me are anatomy errors you can find. If you want I can add more pictures from other sides.

I you were aiming for an average adult human, then clearly the legs are way too short. Could you post a front orthographic view of the model? It’s easier to judge overall proportion that way.

I think it looks better than what i’ve tried doing.

EDIT: There should be 8 pack, not 6.

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Here I got for you that front orthographic view

You have too much going on. You are trying to handle areas that you do not have much knowledge of. You need to stop worrying features and focus on basic shapes and get a copy of Loomis’s book on human anatomy.

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Okay, that does not look as bad as I thought. The perspective made the legs look very short.

As of now you seem to have enough skill with the sculpt tools. You just need to study anatomy more in depth. Books on artistic anatomy are plenty and easy to find. Try to find good nude references of a muscular male. Try to sculpt what you see from the reference. You need to train your eye to actually see forms and your mind to tell your hand to translate what you see into blender. It comes with lots and lots of practice.

For starters, learn how limbs attach to the body, how arms attach to the shoulders and legs to the pelvis.

Good luck!

Surely will do. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

This is what I recommend:


His anatomy drawings are amazing in detail and analysis.