My 1st LigthFlow render...

…which seems worth posting.

Well, worth is a big word.

Is a crystal version of the chrome CBA logo (Look at Caronte’s site for CBA

LigthFlow rendering is
Original Chrome is

Question is… Why oh why does LightFlow produce that @°#*é£ background with clearly visible triangles???


Nice render :slight_smile:

About the triangles : maybe it’s something about GI? Look in the settings for GI, maybe you find something in there.


Hi Stefano, cool render !

It’s really good.

About the triangles, the flag was a subsurf in Blender ?, remember to convert to poly before exporting. Also, did you turn on autosmooth on it ? Just guessing.

Good luck.


Thanx !

And, for GI… there is a single soft light, no GI BUT radiosity on.

I can’t remember if flag is subsurf, I surely used a wood bumpmap (Yes! despite what they say Stucci is NOT the only built in texture which bumps :slight_smile: )
and then pressed ‘noise’ many times to build a really wavy object.

I might have subsurfed too, but I’m not sure. must check, but I don’t think so…


I love the lightflow rendering… If you’re concerned about getting rid of the “triangles” why not just composite the other rendered flag background behind the lightflow render of the logo…


i wish the built in renderer was as good as that. I would use lightwave, but it’s not open source, I cant find the exporter, and I can’t work out what I’m supposed to DL

congrats on doing one of the top things that piss people off around here: you dug up a VERY old thread!! now run if you dont want your ass fried!!! :<

I also love LightFlow render. Wonderful :slight_smile:

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Prismatic: get yafray ,

Very nice.
I have a question though: has there been any recent activity/development with lightflow? I remember seeing the site almost 9 months ago and back then the last update was like in '99 (I’m not quite sure though about the date).
Even the really old images I saw there were very impressive though. Hopefully the project is back under active development.