my 1st model in blender

:expressionless: hello good ppl i wanted to share my 1st model on blender with u :]
is has been long time since i modeled so i hop u will like it :]
I tryed to make this Jet mode in the sprit of StarWar I.
my only problem with blender right now is that i don’t have to much time for it :. but i will try to give it few hours here and ther :\

next stage finsh the model :]]
if u know hebrew u can check my blog about it :]

still WIP

Hey, that’s a good start especially considering it’s your first model.

A couple of hints:

  1. Use Set Smooth on the fuselage.
  2. It’s easier to model symmetrical things by using the Mirror modifier. It takes care of that seam in the centre too. When you need asymmetry, just apply the modifier and make the needed changes.
  3. I think that the jets are the best part of the model now but there’s something fishy in the mesh near the propellers. Could you please post a wire?

Hey Shmoolikipod (your nick sounds very familiar to me (from,

As BeBraw said, the engines are great, but I think they are too great comparing to the rest of the model, which looks kind of plain and not very detailed.

The mesh also seemed over-subdevided (I can see small sqaures on the object, but it might just be my imagination).

Other than that, it looks great. Waiting for updates :slight_smile:


thanks !
though i don’t know whats fishi about the jet engins… they r the only part i all most finshed … and the body of the ship is not nearly finshed… so i guess that is y i post it on WIP :]]]

for the wire frame here it is

sijp: yeah i m from whatsup and i read your blog for a very long time now :]


  1. thank man :]]]
  2. i m useing mirror … did i used it worng?? %|
  3. yeah on the propellers ring there is a set of scrows that i put to close to the propellers rings :\ i fixed that now :]]]

thanks for the reaplayes :] i appreciate it

The mirror modifier can handle those seams in the middle. Perhaps a few verts need just a push towards it and then the seams disappear. Use transform properties (n key) to modify the verts locations easily.
It is possible to copy and paste values if you put the mouse over the value you want to copy/paste and then hit ctrl-c for copy or ctrl-v for paste.

thanks man :]