My 1st post (an F1 car) UPDATED!

(The_Enigma) #1

Hello, I’ve finally got some webspace to use so now I can really start posting. I’ve been using Blender for some thime, but never really got the hang of it. But, I’ve gone ahead and chosen to let you guys decide.

Here it is…

I’d love to hear any comments! Plus you might have to give me pointers because I never really learned any advanced modling techniques! :-?

(rndrdbrian) #2

Have you enabled sub-surf (subdivision surfaces). It looks to me like you haven’t.

Sub surf helps round out the mesh, giving a more organic feel to it.


(The_Enigma) #3

Most unfortuneatly I have tried usind sub-surf, but it changes the shape of the mesh and deformes it too much, so it ends up being wrong. :frowning:

(Ecks) #4

Yea sub-surf work only if you begin to model with subsurf…If you begin with another way and try to sub-surf it later it will be very weird…but very nice pic! I also make a lot of different f1…some futuristic and some more realistic…but my model was not as accurate as yours…nice job!

(Nayman) #5

yo ucan still use sub surfs… but you have to extrude each edge, and then, scale the extrusion down a little… gives nice, strasight, beveled edges

(S68) #6

I think that some subsurfing would help, yes…

And rear weel looks too smal.

Very good start, let’s see more of your works :slight_smile:


(BgDM) #7

Nice start. Sub-surfs would definitley help. However, you need to start the modelling process with sub-surfs in mind.

I made this car using only sub-d’s ->

Maybe try it again with the sub-d in mind and see where it gets you.


([email protected]) #8

hey if u want to sub surf it just subdevide it 1nce or 2wice then subsurf it
wont deform it as much but it will smooth it off more… :smiley:

(The_Enigma) #9

Well, your all your comments seemed to suggest that sub-surf was the way to go… But as I said just clicking the button made the mesh worse not better, so, instead of forgetting about it, I took action and remodeled the body (well most of it at least) :smiley:

The page has the old (on top) and the remodeled version (on bottom)

Also, I seem to run into a problem when modling (whether it’s with normal, smoothed, meshes or with sub-serf) and it is that blender seems to invert the colour of the mesh, you can see this around the cockpit of and just to the right of the front wheel. Can anyone help, or is it just my inexperience with modeling?? :-?

(BgDM) #10

Now that’s better! For the discoilouration of the mesh, in edit mode, press “a” to select all the verts and then press “ctrl+n”. This will recalculate all the mesh noirmals outside and will get rid of that.


(The_Enigma) #11

I’ve been uptdating my websapce trying to get it more organized…

Here are the updated links:


(The_Enigma) #12

I’ve done some more work and added some mirrors and a steering wheel :slight_smile: . I also put the car into an environment whith a road text I made with Gimp. The car is intended to be skidding to a stop infront of the camera (why there is smoke)

Critique away…

(BgDM) #13

Excellent job. Now get some textures/materials on the car. That standard grey shader looks like crap now! :wink:

I have to say, what an improvemnet from your first post. Again, 100% Better.


(Ecks) #14

I don’t know if you know how to uv map but if you know how…I have a texture of a f1 ferrari so…just tell me!

(The_Enigma) #15

Well, I don’t know how to UV map that well, but I’m sure I can figure it out. The car is in desperate need of a makeover… It’d be nice if you could send me that texture… :smiley:

(S68) #16

Cool :slight_smile:

nice road too…