My 1st WORK !!!!!

This is my first Render on Blender, i made it with help from my friend Bradley (AKA. Microserf in this forum) and as im still a n00b and u all are elite, i want u to tell me what can i do to make it look cooler !!! 8)

Well this is it:

:smiley: Thxs



Ohh btw it says “J.L.” cuz my name is Jose Luis :smiley:

Not too bad for a first image. :wink:

On a side note, I don’t think that you are allowed to have an image in your signature.

I’m new here and it’s my first post.
I just want to say that I hope my first rendering will be as good as yours Hitokiri. :slight_smile:

That really is superb for a first render. Congratulations on being initiated into the world of Blender!

Good for a first work and I see you have a good understanding of raytracing. Make the mirror object have a texture so when the rays stop you see the texture.

dont worry…i’m not elite either…most of my work is just…ok…

:smiley: Thank u ! :smiley:

(thanks to microserf cuz he helped me)

and on a side note i didnt know u need a permission to use a signature :o

Thanks again


you don’t need permission. It’s just that images take up bandwidth and can make the page load incorrectly, so they are not allowed in signatures. Anything else can be included.

nice picture, better than mine.

If you needed permission I don’t think your profile would have an option for it. It’s only that images take bandwidth and they would be happy to save as much as they could.

lol! i spent like 2 hours on msnm last nite telling hito how to work blender but hes a quick learner 8)

whoa… my first work was umm… a sphere. lol thats GOOD. How did you make the walls reflect like that? yafray I’m sure, but how?