my 2d animation : "rainboy"

youtube link:

Pose to Pose 2D animation

  • Inkscape (Drawing),
  • Gimp (Coloring/Paint)
  • Blender (Keyframing + Compositing)
    Required time : 5 Days (Lazy mode :o )

its still a rough animation tough, but i made it to show that you can do animation using blender without doing and tweaking 3d objects, i made about 25 pose for this animation

Note : “Ojek Payung” simply mean : “Rain Taxi” or “Rent an Umbrella”, popular job (?) among kids when its rainy season, their clients usually an office lady / men thats need to go to some near store or restaurant in their lunch time

Very good job !!

Nice and fun. Good job !

I love it. Very cute.