My 2G ram doesnt seem to work.

Many times i get an error saying that a program is using too much memory and i must close it, i have 2 gigs, and even sometimes i do heavy cpu stuff, manytimes not , and i get that error, so there is a problem with my computer not using eficiently the ram.

Is there a way to check if this worlks good, or to improve it?

i got this messages, not both at the same time sometimes one sometimes another.

I am not too sure how much this may help, but you might wish to open up the task manager and have a look at your page file usage graph. If it seems to be excessive, you could manually set a size for it and/or run a memory diagnostic program .

How much RAM does your computer think it has? If it shows less than you have physically installed, maybe you need to remove the sticks, clean a little with compressed air, and re-insert.

Get any ubuntu installer disk, and reboot with it in the DVD rom drive. then select ram test from the menu.
There is also prime95.exe which can do a stress test, and tell you if you are having problems with ram or CPU.

ubuntu uses memtest95+, it is a smaller download.

also check the size of your page file, some people set it twice as big as their ram, so for you set it to 4 gigs. If you have paging disabled it can cause this error too.