My 2nd hard drive gone bad, no-longer need help

i recently ruined my 2nd hard drive (200GB) with my all important photos and documents. i didn’t back up very recently so there is about a few months of photos and documents i do not have. i really want them back.

when i looked at it with partition magic it says it has gone bad:confused: not a good sign

and when i try to open it, it says:
E:\ is not accessible
the parameter is incorrect

my 1st hard drive is very small compared (40GB)

what would be the best way to get my data back and hopefully for free?:slight_smile:

Put your HD in a plastic bag, put it in the freezer for about 5 hours, and then let it thaw and it should work (EDIT: It won’t work forever, but enough time to back up your data).

sounds like you are just being mean… does this really work?

also, if you have the cash there are tons of data recovery places, and they are getting cheaper. I’m sure you could probably get every file back, but that still sucks.

It really does work. Do a search.

ummm… right…

i think that there is about 20GB of stuff on the 200GB drive

i could write it to DVD then format the drive. this might be a good idea.
but i need a way to get off in the first place.

so would there be a good (free) data recovery software that could help?

[Edit:] is this legit?
ADRC Data Recovery Tools v1.0

I don’t know about the ADRC program but it looks pretty good.

There are free HD recovery programs - but it depends on what the problem is.

If its a magnetic particle problem, then maybe freezing it might work by causing the magnetic particles to congeal a bit. Sounds though like this works for balky drive mechanisms than anything. It doesn’t sound like your problem, unless you heard the head banging and didn’t mention it.

If its a data scrambling, eg, bad links etc, then that wouldn’t do any good, obviously you need to recover the data itself.

I’ve had the file system get messed up before and gotten a similar message, and was able to completely recover it. You may just need to recreate the drive… uh… “information” so that the operating system knows that its there. Try starting in safe mode and seeing if any recovery information can be found.

If that doesn’t work, there’s a bunch of recovery tools at

There’s a program call PC Inspector File Recovery that is pretty good.
I think that’s the one I used, which identified that the drive and data was there, but just inaccessible, and was able to access it.

Disk Investigator, I think will let you see the raw data, but you have to know what you’re doing. Recovering 20GB by hand is not what you want to do.

Yes it does, I’ve posted it to two other people in two recent threads about dead HD’s… This poster is just hijacking my line :stuck_out_tongue: ^^

It’s only for “DEAD” hard drives though; not corrupted data. So if you can format your hard drive and it will work perfectly fine then freezing isnt for this situation. Its mainly for head reading errors when a piece of dirt or hair gets under the head or even dodgy ball berrings as freezing it lossen stuff up giving it temporary life again.

so that’s the reason to the madness:rolleyes:

it might help if i explain the problem

I’m a victim of ubuntu’s not so friendly way of dealing with partitions. i like it and i click on the installer. i saw the option to re size the partition. i clicked next and i cancelled it half way through because it took to long to go to the next screen.

i went to XP and drive E:\ no-longer worked:eek:

hehe, i read about that fix in a GeekSquad ad. it also said that its almost always a once-and-done kinda deal, and that once all the data is backed up you should buy a new drive. i doubt that this is that severe a problem, though. those programs mentioned earlier should do the trick. not that i know much about the inner machinations of hard drives and file systems, but nothing’s better than a pat on the back and a “You can do it!”

have you tried reinstalling ubuntu and let it do it’s job?

Just a note about the freezer trick. I’ve used it personally twice, but you don’t let the thing thaw. You mount it cold. Thawing will give the chance for condensation, and then you’re really screwed. BTW, if you do this, you should have another HD available and connected, so you can just dump the important stuff straight onto it. You probably won’t have much time until the drive craps for good, so you want the fastest transfer possible.

Thats the whole Idea of putting it in a sealed bag to reduce the chances of water damage afterwards, although the idea IS to let it thaw, You’re damaging the parts trying to run it when it freezing cold. and normal condensation isnt anything really deadly. You get condensation from simply bringing a cold item into warm room fast. Often happens to electrical goods that get delivered cause the trucks and vans are not heated…

Most eletrical goods go through a condensation phase due to the above reason, so this includes hard drives. Your idea that condensation is bad after freezing is wrong (Of course condensation = bad but it will soon go and do no to little damage (hence sealed bag)). Trying to run a freezing cold harddrive, you rapidly heat the device since hard drives do produce a fair bit of heat so it will still form condensation but this way it is more likely to produce water droplets that will run and possibly damage circuits. let it thaw out so it naturally condensates and after a couple of hours the condensation will be gone.

Also, cold parts will stick together and you will be forcing them to move and damage, cold temperatures and rapid heat is often dangerious due to rapid contraction and expansion of the metal, plus your forcing a more rapid and worse condensation which will form drips/ puddles of water rather than a very fine surface of condensation … You’ve got the whole thing wrong and im glad that the two times you’ve tried it didnt result in a physically broken harddrive.

Ouch. You cancelled a partition resize??? I trust you’ll never do that again. And back it up before you partition it, of course.

You’ll probably have to use a partition tool to reset the partitions to what they were (probably 1 partition for the whole drive, right?). I’m not sure that I’d use Ubuntu’s again since you had problems and you say its unfriendly.

If your partition tool doesn’t create a logical E: drive (I assume D: is your CD/DVD), you may have to use something like an undelete DRIVE tool for that. I’m almost positive the PC Inspector I mentioned can do that, probably the ADRC program can too.

Ive tried PC inspector and the ADRC program and they both don’t work:(

I have found something that works “file scavenger” and “1st NTFS Recovery” but they cost money:mad:

I have noticed a pattern, if it is free it doesn’t work and if it costs it does:rolleyes:

I don’t think there is anything physically wrong with the hard drive only its brains have been scrambled

Ill guess I will have to bight the bullet and pay:eek:

Blender is free and it works exceptionally well. DIto for GIMP, YafRay, Firefox, OpenOffice, Linux…
On the other hand, a lot of things which cost hard $$$ don’t work one bit (expecially things promising things not even a God could promise and those obtained via telemarketers/the internet).
What kind of a world do we live in? :eek:

i’ve done something similar, but not so stupid.

you should just insert the Windows CD, and go to the recovery console, rebuild the MBR, and all that other stuff. there is a good chance it will save everything.

but since it was linux that was the problem, you should try that first like others have said. try to sort out the issue before trying to recover data. the thing is the data currently has no locations, so how would a recovery software know where to look.


sorry but I jumped the gun and bit the bullet in record time:o
I bought “File Scavenger” because its trial worked OK, and it worked:D but now I have to live with the guilt of purchasing software:(

I thank everybody for your fast replies and good information that went to waste on this thick-heads brain:rolleyes:

It’s always nice to be able to get something for no charge, but I’ve had to try many different programs sometimes to find one that was able to solve my issues.

You got your data back, and cheaper than if you paid someone in a shop, I’ll bet. So no problem.

Now make sure you back up your pictures etc!