My 2nd Medieval house

Hey there, I kept practising modelling & texturing houses, this one is more detailed, hope you like it.


I’m still tweaking the ligths to get a better render :stuck_out_tongue:

again a very nice house.

i really like the style of your houses

Looks great! I think the well is a little bit out of proportion though :wink:

Good, but the roof should maybe be more brown.

Thanks for the fast replies and tips guys! I will work on it :wink:

that is awesome! reminds me of Timeline

it’s really awesome, and i love the amount of detail :smiley: the well is cool! and the cart, and the crates…

(um, the picture is a bit grainy…is that normal?)

I don’t know, I turned OSA off

Howker that is awesome again :slight_smile:

Please turn OSA back on, that will totally improve the image quality. :yes:

Very cool, the large amount of detail you put into it really makes it look good.

yeah great stuff :yes:

I think that would be considered a palace for medieval people.