My #3 render :-)

Here it is:

It is also my first entry to weekly chellange #111 :slight_smile:

entries must be jpg format! nice entry! :wink:

erm the keyboard has no like erm what you call em…keys. and is that a pencil? the lamp looks a bit weird . and the textures u might want to improve. and tho moon is under the ouse bye the looks ? erm i dont know what the contest is so what is it ?

i helped you with your entry! that ain’t fair! lol! :smiley: :wink:

i helped you with your entry! that ain’t fair! lol!

Yep, you did, and thank you very much for this :slight_smile:

entries must be jpg format! nice entry!

Thanks :slight_smile: I just changed it.

That’s a pretty good image. You could work on the textures to improve the image further. Specifically, by using more differentiated textures for the different objects and materials in the scene.

But so far, good work. As far as the Moon being at that ultra low angle … hey! you also have a giant pencil in your scene! That’s not exactly normal either. :wink: The way I see it, this could be the secret orbital spacestation hideout of a nerdy hacker-gnome who wants to bring the human digital networks to their knees (Blender is just his hobby) … MUHAHAHAH!

I do try to control myself … really I do. :smiley:


Well, about the keys.To modell them one by one, it is 104 keys keyboard!!
How to do it other wise I dont know :frowning: Advice?
Yep, that is a pencil, the theme was “MACRO”.
Why the lamp looks weird?what is wrong with her?
Imrove what texture?
And I dont understand what do you mean about the moon.

Well, great humor Dude :slight_smile: !!! :slight_smile: !!!
And I did not understand what is wrong with the textures?

the keys are easy to model - i did mine in less than 30 minutes with individual letters and numbers for each! i am fast but you could manage in less tahn an hour i am sure! basically just make a cube and scale teh bottom verts out to make a A shape then duplicate this for all the keys in the proper patterns and then stretch a few for teh shift keys and space bar. Use UV cordinates for textures or jsut make them black and don’t use any! (much faster)

from the angle the moon looks like it is below the builidn not up in the sky! unless your room is a space station then i’d get rid of the moon altogether. Also the light from under the desk - that is a little bright! my powersupplys have never had that bright of an led! :wink:

So, basicly you are segesting to make one key,
duplicate it, and move 104 keys to their place?!?!?!?!?
Got to an easier way :slight_smile:
And I will see what I can do about the moon.

you could make a 104 vert grid then parent the key to the grid and mkae teh grid duplivert and on each vert a key will apear but you can’t specify what texture to go to each key just the “master” key! so basically no there isn’t an easier way - no one said that cg was easy! :wink:

Ohhh… I guess I will go with your advice… 104 keys :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, you can now chek the link again,I have updated it.
Added keys on the keyboard :slight_smile:
Moved the moon a bit highier.

Can somebody seggust me anything about the lightening?
I just cant seems to be get it rights… :frowning:
I tried all kinds of lightening there is, all kind of settings, nothing helps :frowning:
And does somebody now what is that diagonal line doing on the floor?

The links are updated again :slight_smile:
Check it out :slight_smile:

Did not undersand a word you just said :slight_smile:

yes i modeld em in bout ten with nums and letters. about the moon it looks lower then the house or room or w/e and looks like it is floating around in space lol :P.

It was ment to be a night sky, not space :slight_smile:

I also noticed your shadows casted from the chair and pencil do not line up with the position the moon is in. I am assuming that is your light source for the shadows.


The lamp on the table is supposed to be the light source.