My 3d cursor decides to go beside selected instead of ON the actual vertex?

This convenient little annoyance only just decided to start happening on the mouth area of my mesh, but otherwise behaves normally elsewhere. Is this nonsense a glitch?

I even tried importing it to a diff blender file to see if maybe it was some sort of settings I had in the initial blender file, but nothing changed.

I have never seen this…but I do know sometimes you have to do it twice to get the results you wanted…Do you have a subdivision Modifier? Are you using Shift+S and selecting Cursor to Selected?

Nah, I don’t. And yeah, I am doing that. I have a version of the mesh that isn’t spazzing out, but it doesn’t have all the shape keys. I was thinking maybe I could just transfer them, and it worked.

Ah, yep Shape keys can do that …as it is a lot like the way sub D will move the mesh around…Glad you found it as that would never occur to most of us!!

Happy Blending!